moop: backpack no. 2 / by Alexandra Buda

For a year now I have worked part-time at moop. My typical day involves packing and shipping bags, as well as a bit of stitching here and there. I get to do all of this along side some pretty great people - Wendy, Theresa, and Jesse. Inevitably each day's conversation involves a lot of food talk and life things. One of the best parts, though, is that we can all have a conversation about photos and art, creative process, what it means to make stuff. More often than not I leave work excited to produce more work. Way back when I first started, I never imagined a job would translate into friends, creative energy, and opportunity to make images.

Wendy asked if Andrew and I would work on some photos for the launching of a new bag, the Backpack No. 2. I shared a few images from this series earlier in the summer. And now - after one shoot in june, another in july, lots of hard work, and tons of anticipation - the bag has been released! we are so excited to share these images with you all - a fun collaboration with some of my favorite people. see the full album [kudos to my sweet husband, andrew, as he chased us down with a camera in his hand]  here and be sure to check out the new backpack (get the magenta) at