/ by Alexandra Buda

This past weekend marks one year since my lung collapsed and I had surgery. A year ago was....pretty sucky.

I keep thinking about how it derailed my summer. A year ago I couldn't lift five pounds. I spent pretty much every day of the summer laying around (mostly with my baby, Marple, and my puppy-niece, Kaiju). When my mom wasn't working she would try to entertain me. A good friend took me to her family's pool....I'd just sit on the raft and float around. I watched a lot of TV. 

The worst part of it all is how it has changed the way my body works. Essentially they attached my lung to my chest cavity, so now when I move I can feel my lung moving, too. I've had to regain trust in my breathing abilities (this was definitely helped by taking yoga from Katrina - seriously..the best). I've noticed weakness that I never had before. 

So a year later and we have renovated (most of) a house. We've landscaped. We've moved furniture. Yes, there are times when I lift something and feel a sharp pain still. But last night we ate dinner outside, I looked around, noticed our yard and how much we have changed it since moving in. Andrew said, "It's almost halfway through June!" And I though, yea...and this summer is going to be great. This summer I can do things. Recovery is no fun - but when I put recovery into prospective (i.e. June 10th, 2014 vs. today), I'm mostly just amazed at how far I've come.