/ by Alexandra Buda


hey blog-o-shpere and facebook world! for the past....uhh...three years? or two? andrew has been working on this sick 1969 honda cb 350. it finally works! and now he's trying to sell it!!! hahaha

today he and his brother are driving to dover, pa, where andrew will pick up the new motorcycle (it has an 865 cc engine, much better for two people). 

anyone interested in the beautiful old bike? it's just a little too small for us... shoot us a line and we can chat about pricing and deets. 

oh, and because this bike has been such a labor of love you may see another post about it in a few days...i'm making andrew debrief his experience of owning a super old motorcycle, talk about the labor behind getting it running, and in the same breath he will introduce his new bike (which is pretty beautiful and i am super excited about!)