/ by Alexandra Buda


over the weekend i looked out our kitchen window to see andrew chatting across the fence with on of our neighbors. he's an older gentleman, lives in the apartment building to the right of our house. of course, because i'm nosey, i dropped everything i was doing to dashed outside and see what was going on (we've lived here for seven months - what?! - and this was our first interaction with this particular neighbor). well, an hour later we were still talking with pete. 

now seventy-six, pete has lived in bloomfield for seventy-one years (before that he lived in lawrenceville). he told us wild stories about 'the avenue,' aka liberty, where his parents pushed fruit carts. in fact, his whole family has been in the produce business since their arrival here from sicily*** in the early 1900's. well, produce and other things...other things that involve guns and cement boots and bridges and dice games in basements. (!) yesss...gold mine. 

pete also has hundreds of old photographs (or 'pitures' as he calls them) from pittsburgh circa 1880. he sells them on ebay, he says, but since moving to this apartment (he moved in next door around the same time that we moved into our house) his computer hasn't been working. i think next time we see pete i'll offer to scan and archive his photos with him. 

oh, and i asked to take a photo of pete. he told me he got into a lot of trouble 'n'at' in his younger days and he's had his photo taken enough times. i'll keep working on that one, though...


*** i made the mistake of saying to pete something about being italian. his response, 'i don't have a drop of i-talian in me.' 'well, pete, what nationality are you?!' his reply...'sicilian!' ...oops....