tubby time / by Alexandra Buda

gasp...life keeps rolling along

andrew and i were out of town the week after July 4th - we rode from Pittsburgh, pa to Glen Spey, ny on our trusty motorbike. it. was. a. blast. more on that later, though, as the only camera we took was our instax and i have yet to scan all of our photos in.

we arrived home on sunday afternoon. after a quick 20 min nap it was back to work - nailing down quarter round and cleaning our new bedroom. monday was mattress delivery day! in fact i write this post from the comfort of our new bed....although right now it's just a mattress on the floor...we're building the frame, because, you know, we need another project.

but the most important part, and the topic of my post...

my cousin emily came to visit along with the adorable finley! i snapped a few photos of tubby time...i fee like my bath tub has been christened in a way. 

oh, and they were our first official overnight guests!