[we bought the whole store] / by Alexandra Buda

a few weeks back we did photos of jessa and ian. it was really fun - well, you know, she's my sister, he's my brother in law, and avery is going to be my nephew. and i am sooo excited. every time i see jessa i'm like 'whoa! i didn't know your belly could get any bigger!' and now we are EXACTLY one week away from her due date. now every time i see her i lean over and speak loudly [scream] to her belly 'hurry up, avery, just come out here and meet us all!' seriously..... any. day.

jessa and ian closed on their house this past friday, so this weekend was moving central. have to get everything in place for the cute baby to be here! today jessa and i went on a target run. you know how when you move apartments or buy a house it's basically like you don't own anything? like trash cans? and ketchup? or a bath mat? we got it all today and it was probably the most fun target trip i have literally ever been on. we covered basically all the isles. and i was like 'get outta our way, people! this lady is super pregnant and this cart is super heavy*.' the check out lady was way nice. we headed back to their place, ian and i unloaded bags. before i left i was sure to say 'hurry up already, kid!' 


*don't worry, i pushed the cart