[mixing] / by Alexandra Buda

when we were first married, andrew and I would sit at the dining room table [almost] every night for dinner. i liked this routine. it was a space for eating and talking about our day. there was a dedicated time to food prep, consumption, then clean up. since moving to our house things have been, shall we say, inconsistent? there are some evenings that we work until 9:00, are filthy, grab the quickest thing from the fridge and eat in bed. other nights when we don't have house projects to do, we eat on the couch and watch TV. our kitchen/dining area has been in a constant state of flux/repair for a while, making eating at the table not really an option. or simply unappealing. *but* this week should be the end of kitchen renovations! our tile is done and the radiator should be replaced soon. so I'm thinking about our eating area. which leads me to:

from left to right, top to bottomt: little cows (etsy), west elm, crate and barrel, west elm, circa60 (etsy) 

how does everyone feel about mixing styles? 

our current dining table is a two-post library table, probably 1920's. I really like it. It's skinny enough that we can have it agains the wall and it is almost like an eating bar. if we have people over we can pull it into the middle of our kitchen, extend it with the leaf, and fit six chairs*. we have a few folding wooden chairs, but I'd like to get two actual dining chairs. i'd like something with a low-ish back, and not to heavy or solid. our kitchen is nice and airy. I don't want to stick some chunky leather dining chair in the middle of it all. i like the idea of metal or chrome for some variety in texture. our table is a really dark wood, so something metallic/grey would be nice. 

 wow. if only i could get paid to troll the web for furniture. i'd be a rich lady. 



*this comment makes me realize - our house is a little weird. a newly renovated home that doesn't have a dining room or dish washer? hmmm... some day I will delve into the theory behind our house and share it with you all.