/ by Alexandra Buda


Over the past few days we have driven through three time zones - meaning my body, which has forever had an internal clock, said ‘go to bed’ at 9:30 pm and 'wake up’ at 5:00 am. Typically this would be a frustration for me. Last night that tiredness hit me as we were having a drink at Clyde Common. Gena and I dragged our bodies to the elevator. I then had to climb up to the top bunk in our hotel room (yes, they have bunk beds in the rooms here at Ace).

You know what, though? It was kind of pleasant going to bed early and waking up early. Quiet mornings are my favorite. At home I sit at our kitchen table after Andrew has left for work and before I have to get ready for work. I drink coffee and Marple sits on my lap and snoozes. It’s one of my favorite times. Being up early here, getting ready and coming to the lobby for an [amazing] espresso and cup of coffee from Stumptown was almost that good…..fine…it was awesome, I just miss my cat. 

p.s. for all you eastern time zone people…yes, it is almost eleven there…here it is only almost eight, so my morning is just beginning! hooray!