/ by Alexandra Buda


A lot of times we get asked what we plan to do. Photography studio? Painting studio? Coffee shop? (I’ve been practicing my skills over at The Commonplace Coffee Co.) All-in-all it’s hard to say. No, I’m not a painter. Yes, we want a photo studio, but probably not the kind you see in the mall. I love to make coffee, but would never want to own a shop. 

What do we plan to do? Well, we plan to make art and restore furniture. We plan to take photographs of people we like and objects we think are beautiful. We will host parties, hold concerts, make food (and eat it, too), give advice on design and repaint a few rooms.


In a few short days we will be closing on our house - on the space that will become a headquarters for our creative endeavors. It will be a living space and a working space wrapped into one.

Sure, we plan to do all of the things above. But before all of that, we want to tear down a few walls, put in a new bathroom, and update an old kitchen.  In the process we’d like to share our experiences and show what we’ve done.