/ by Alexandra Buda

[the before, the after, the in-between]

Let me just preface this entire thing by clarifying - in no way is this meant to diminish my thankfulness for the home we now own. I am infatuated with our house - with a space that we paid money for (and will be paying for throughout the next thirty years…but that’s a different post, waiting to happen), a space that we can tinker with, knock walls out of and garden around. It’s great. 
That being said, this idea of true home renovation photos has been festering. We’ve all seen them - the blogs that talk about design choices, ‘flipping’ houses, etc. We’ve all seen the icky 'before’ photo and the lovely 'after’ photo. Well gosh. Lately that 'after’ photo is all I can think about - I want the 'after’ so so so desperately. But, that’s not reality.
The reality of the situation is that these things take time. We are tiling…….. and tiling.. and tiling and tiling and tiling and it seems to be going no where. I can post all the photos I want of the pretty little snippets throughout our house; however, when it comes down to eleven o'clock at night and we’ve just finished our project, and I’m tripping over paint cans and screwdrivers, and I’m bemoaning the dirt that gets tracked into our [supposedly] quarantined first floor…aaah, yes. That is reality.  
My friends - I give you: true home renovation. All the crap that sits, stagnant, between the 'before’ and the 'after.’ Our house plants (and poor snake, Moses) find rest amongst insulation, their leaves covered in plaster dust. Yes, we have a gorgeous bathtub (that I cannot wait to use). The juxtaposition is our shop-vac that sits just outside the bathroom. We have pretty tile, but also endless yards of trim to paint. 
If I collected all of the Home Depot bags and receipts throughout our house, I could probably wallpaper an entire room.
So there you have it. My thoughts on what we show of home renovations. Here is me, showing you, the behind the scenes. 
[Funny, too…I’ve been thinking about this post and then just yesterday Andrew said something funny. He told me that for the first time since we’ve moved he missed our old apartment. I asked why. Just yesterday he was looking at photos (somewhere on our computer or online or something) and he came across some shots we took of our old apartment (found here). And I totally get what he was saying. Our old apartment was clean, organized, and assembled. The first floor of our house (where we are living now) is comfortable - but it is also dirty and dingy and in need of new paint. Oh, and the bathroom has a hole in the wall and no heat. Oh, and after almost three months we still haven’t unpacked everything. Hah!]