/ by Alexandra Buda

[Thoughts on our previous day]

I think one of my favorite things about yesterday was the hour of 4:30-5:30. Never in my life have I literally been driving west (just about as far as you can go on the continental United States) and seen a horizon of orange to pink to greenish to blue to indigo.

This is great - all of this crazy adventure. I love traveling with these two women who happen to be my co-workers as well as totally awesome people. For a solid thirteen and a half hours yesterday we drove, we chatted, we had moments of just looking out the window, we laughed. Honestly, sometime around 5:30 as we were all gawking at the sunset, we realized we hadn’t even had music or the radio on once!* The entire time! I told Wendy and Gena - “When I got hired at Moop four months ago, there is no way I could have anticipated this.” So so true. 

It’s wonderful to be surrounded by creativity and opinion and ideas. 

*this realization was quickly followed by a comment of “well, we DO have two more days to go.”